Conquer stressful seasons of life by standing firm on the promises of God.(without letting overwhelm steal your joy!)
The Rooted in Hope
Workshop & Journal
will help you...

  • find hope in Scripture (even on your darkest days)
  • stand firm in faith and trust God when life feels impossible
  • cling to God's steadfast character as your true source of hope
  • create a flexible plan for navigating seasons of hardship
  • move forward anchored to the hope of God

When life feels overwhelming and impossible, you don't have to crumble under the pressure!

your complete guide to a
hope-filled life...

The Rooted in Hope
Workshop & Journal
Explore how to live the hope of God in everyday life and practical ways to move forward with biblical confidence. 

In this 5 session workshop, we'll unpack biblical hope and practical ways to stay rooted to the hope of God in all seasons of life.

Session #1- What is Biblical Hope?

Session #2- How to Create a Hope Plan

Session #3- How to Pray with Hope When the Words Won't Come

Session #4- How to Stand Firm in Faith When Obstacles Are Looming Before You

Session #5- How to Move Forward with Hope

These workshops will help you live the hope of God and move forward in times of overwhelm and struggle.

Renew your mind with biblical truths on hope through practical prayer, Bible study, and journaling resources.

This 20 page journal will help you identify your struggles, release your burdens to the Lord, and move forward with hope.

Hope Bible reading plan and Bible study templates

 Hope Scripture cards

My Hope Plan template

Weekly Gratitude journal

Identifying my mountains and obstacles

Prayer journal, prompts, and more!

Then, color and doodle the pages to help you meditate on God's Word even more.

$47 value
today $17

God's hope can pierce through your darkest circumstances
This workshop will show you how to experience God's peace in hardship
and move forward in hope
(even when your path is unclear).

Take a look for yourself...

Rooted in Hope Workshop 
sessions include:
Psalms of Hope Journal

20 meaningful journal pages to help you be still in God's presence, banish fear and anxiety, and reflect on God's faithfulness.

Read and reflect on God's promises of hope

This complete Bible reading plan and Scripture guide will help you know what God's Word says about hope and help you understand God's promises to His children.

Identify your "mountains and obstacles"

Learn to release those obstacles and "mountains" looming before you to the Lord for good!!

Create a plan for standing firm in faith

Learn how to create a "hope plan" for overwhelming times. Then, live it out as a practical way to stand firm in faith in tough times.

Pray war room prayers and reflect on God's faithfulness

Keep your prayer life strong, even in tough times, with these meaningful prayer resources. They will help you pray war room prayers and fuel a thriving prayer life in all seasons of life.

"I've lost my joy, and I need help
to get back on track."

What others are saying...

"This is just what I need!"

Before I even finished the introduction lesson, I knew this is what I needed. I've lost my joy and I need the hope of God to fill me once again. This workshop has perfect timing!


"I learned how my relationship with God is the key to living with joy"

I am struggling so much in life and feel overwhelmed in every area. Yet until this workshop, I wasn't sure how to get out of my funk. Thanks for showing me how my relationship with God is the key to living a joy-filled life.


I was desperate for a practical way to find hope in hard seasons...

"And I want to help you live the hope God in your life, too"

Hi, I'm Sarah Ann Goode
and I know what it's like to wrestle with God in the darkness...
About 17 years ago, my husband and I entered into the "storms of life" and it hasn't stopped raining since. 

Yet through our suffering and struggles, God has revealed Himself to me in a powerful way and shown me how to have hope in Him in impossible situations.

It's my mission to help women like you find hope in God in their own struggles. And I'll show you how to move forward anchored to the hope of the Lord one step at a time.
Special Bonuses!

Use these meaningful bonuses to renew your mind with the promises of God all day long.

5 Scripture screensavers

Keep the Word of God front and center of your life with these beautiful Psalms phone screensavers

Every time you turn on your phone you'll be pointed to Truth and reminded of God's faithfulness.

5 Psalms Coloring Pages

Use these Bible verse coloring pages in your quiet time to meditate on God's promises and praise the Lord for His many blessings.

Plus, coloring is a simple way to relax, unwind, and be still in God's presence. This makes a meaningful family activity, too!

Get instant access to
The Rooted in Hope
Workshop & Journal
Use these powerful resources to live with hope
and stand firm in faith.

This bundle includes...

The Rooted in Hope Workshop: 5 pre-recorded Christian mentoring sessions to help you you cling to the Lord in all seasons of life ($47)

The Psalms of Hope Journal: 20 page journal to help you identify your struggles and create a hope plan to move forward ($27)

BONUS #1: 5 Scripture Screensavers to help you renew your mind with biblical truths all day long ($11)

BONUS #2: 5 Psalms of Hope Coloring Pages Be still in God's presence as you meditate on these powerful verses in Psalms. ($20)

Grab this workshop & journal bundle for
$47 value

today $17
Start living with hope and biblical confidence today with instant access to the
Rooted in Hope
Workshop & Journal

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Rooted in Hope Workshop & Journal$17

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and I have answers! 

Read through these FAQ to help you decide if this resource is right for you.

  • When do I get access to the workshop & journal?
    You'll have instant access to these resources upon purchase. You can get started immediately and all the material is already loaded inside the workshop.
  • Who is this resource for?
    This is made for women who are ready to cling to the hope of God and move forward past overwhelm. This is how I learned to stand firm in faith after years of struggle, and I know it will help you, too!
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Absolutely! You have 15 days to take this workshop and implement the ideas. If you are unhappy with your order, please reach out to SarahAnn (at) and we'll do everything we can to make it right.
  • Tell me more about the workshop...
    There are 5 sessions total in the workshop and each one lasts between 15-30 minutes.
    You can easily listen on the go or watch it as part of your daily quiet time.

    The sessions include:
    Session #1- What is Biblical Hope?
    Session #2- How to Create a Hope Plan
    Session #3- How to Pray with Hope
    Session #4- How to Stand Firm in Faith
    Session #5- How to Move Forward with Hope
  • Tell me more about the journal...
    The Psalms of Hope Journal includes 20 pages to help you read the powerful Psalms about hope and two Bible study templates to help you understand what you read in Scripture.

    The journal also includes the My Mountains and Obstacles template, Hope Plan, Anchor Verses, and a variety of prayer resources to help you move forward with hope.

    Plus, it comes in two popular journal sizes, 8.5x11 and A4.

God's power is greater than your struggle... it's time to start living like a daughter of the King
As a child of God, your identity doesn't lie in the struggles or overwhelm you're facing.

Your hope lies at the grace that was poured out for you at the cross and the promise that this world is fleeting.

If you're ready to cling to the hope of the Lord and learn how to move forward with His help, let the Rooted in Hope Workshop and Journal be your guide.

It's time to move forward in faith!